Learn about the City of Shawnee Budget and Finance

Budgeting and Finance

For the budget year of 2011, we continued our conservative financial approach to budgeting.  At last report (October, 2011) we will end the year almost $1million ahead.  This surplus is the result of increased sales tax revenues and efficiencies in our departments. More about on this topic...

Learn about Solid Waste and Recycling in the City of Shawnee, KansasSolid Waste and Recycling

The impact fee for the Johnson County Landfill was renegotiated and extended through 2043. The result is $3 million increase in nontax income for the City beginning in 2016.  This allowed the City to set up a fund to help support an expanded economic development program for the City. More about this topic...

Economic Development in the City of Shawnee, KansasEconomic Development

The City has an issue of little ground ready for immediate major development. Installation of utility services essential to development along our major corridors will be expensive. The Economic Development Fund resulting from the landfill impact fee will allow us to continue our economic development program and expansion of our commercial tax base.... More about this topic